Informing local-national media organizations that the project has started.

Providing information within the partnership and planning the communication activity. Providing continuous information on the project progress and results.


Local web portal “Naša Bujština”. Click on the picture to read the article!

Providing in-house information, planning the communication activity, informing teachers, students and parents about the project progress and results.


DISSEMINATION of the project and project activities with the parents. Click on the picture to read the article!

Students presentations (June – Sept 2023) on bullying to other students, parents and teachers. Click on the picture to see the presentations!

Brand and image work: project logo, poster designs, promotional videos, output designs, designing, selecting and using tools that can create a positive image



The stairs of our school with values of our program such as support, no violence at school, no bullying.

Anti-bullying wall in school’s corridor. Students are free to express themselves in this wall.


Posters and e-books done by our students (grades 6 & 7) on different types of bullying. Click on the picture to read the article!

Poster made in Canva. Click on the picture to see it!

Digital posters made in Canva by students following the Greek mobility. Click on the picture to see them all!

Erasmus+ corner. Click on the picture to see it!

Video animations about stopping and preventing bullying at schools
Video animation „Don’t be a bully“; the 2 students who created the animation have drawn the main characters themselves

Preparation of website and uploading of documents. Updating during the project

Opening social media accounts. Receiving and sharing documents from all partners during the project

Social media, website etc. Sharing the project logo, poster, video from channels



‘Boal and Baldwin methodology’ Workshop – “The tunnel of thoughts” or “Corridor of Consciousness”. Students were given a case of bullying and then played the tunnel where a witness (student) was in a dilemma what to do while the other students around him were telling him that he should or shouldn’t do something as a witness

Project kick-off meeting. Informing school, institution, NGO representatives, press members, researchers working in the same field at the local level. A press text will be prepared and published at local/regional-national level

Making informative presentations at the surrounding schools.

Learning about Diwali, appreciating other cultures and religions to reduce conflict in the world; helping each other to build; meeting a therapy dog builds trusting relationships

Visiting relevant people and organizations at local level


Dissemination event at Goicea, Dolj

Dissemination event and theatre workshops at Macesu de Sus, Dolj

Dissemination event at Cosoveni, Dolj

Theatre workshops at the summer school organized by Edulife NGO

Dissemination event

Dissemination on the occasion of the Pentecost holiday

On the day of Pentecost, the volunteers participating in our projects took part in a festive meal at the Jianca Guesthouse in Isalnita, followed by thematic sports activities, where the big ones had fun with the little ones, with the role of combating bullying related to age and sex differences. Being a day of traditional Romanian celebration, we celebrated traditions together with the pension staff, having invited a band of ‘călușari’, a game specific to this day.

Dissemination event of our project, “Let’s ALL go to the Theatre of European Dreams”, where the project activities carried out throughout Romania were presented, and the participating students and teachers showed great interest.

Dissemination event of our project at Children’s Palace in Craiova, where representatives of the Romanian police presented safety measures against cyberbullying.

Dissemination event within the conference held at the Children’s Palace Craiova

Pens, balloons, badges, paper bags, bookmarks etc. Use of promotional products in meetings, events and visits

Ensuring that an article on the project results is written and published in native language and in English


Talking about the latest mobility in Greece with our students


Dissemination of the LTTA in Greece. Click on the picture to read the article!

TPM in Croatia. Click on the picture to read the article!

Anti-bullying school action plan, anti-bullying teacher-student and parent guides, articles, posters, brochures, newsletters, lesson plans, digital letters and other educational informative/visible results in the mother tongue and in English.


E-book using the digital tool „Book Creator“
Digital e-book in the tool „Book Creator“

School level activity to monitor and follow the work of the Erasmus team. Click on the picture to see on Padlet!


Anti-bullying drama with years 5 and 6 and discussion with year 2

Anti-bullying training session at the local secondary school. The children are now anti-bullying ambassadors and they help all children in the playground. There is also a bullying display, around the story The Hundred Dresses. The children listened to the story, did a play/drama about the story and made the fesses for the display.

Children in grades 5 and 6 made comfort cushions and friendship bookmarks to promote anti bullying. Their parents came in to look at their learning and talk to them about their project.

Organizing internal and external anti-bullying campaigns


Working in a team and preparing food for other students and teachers help to reduce conflict and bullying; preparing for Halloween – sharing is caring; chef for a day: learning how to prepare food


Teachers and students wear wristbands at school to prevent bullying and to raise awareness.

Odd socks day, an activitiy within the scope of awareness day against bullying




From the workshops of SWPBS project about inclusive and safe school for all. It is an Erasmus+ KA3 policy experimentation which aims to establish socio-emotional and behaviour support for all students.


Stop to bullying!

Conducting eTwining and TwinSpace activities.

Organizing 4 international eTwining events with wide participation.

Inviting students and teachers of other schools in P4C and drama workshops, organizing activities

Partners to share in their existing networks and create new networks

Collecting e-mails of event, meeting and seminar participants and using them for upcoming event announcements

Planning post-project communication activity, discussing the post-project DEOR plan

Sharing project results at PRP and European/international level

Dissemination about the project at the NATIONAL LEVEL. Click on the picture to read the article!

Participants to share the knowledge and experience they have gained in the LLT they participated in, inside and outside the institution until the end of the project