1. Informing society about starting the Erasmus + project. Billboards at schools, articles in local newspapers, creating logo and organizing a contest. Creating the website of the project.
  2. Reporting the project results and delivering them to local/ national and international persons and organizations.
  3. Making monthly project evaluation meetings, preparing and presenting the interim report and the final report
  4. An Erasmus+ fair will be organized by each country to disseminate the project results and allow the other schools to be aware of our project activites and motivate them to have partnerships as well
  5. Articles in local newspapers, websites, Facebook and photo gallery in schools from all project’s activities.
  6. All Partners will provide an education and workshop activity for parents and staff
  7. Preparing and generalizing the content of the activities in print and digital form using P4C, drama and non-violence education techniques:
    a) 5 dramas, 5 P4C and 5 non-violent communication activity contents including values education and human rights lesson units
    b) Bullying, exclusion, respect for differences, etc. 5 dramas, 5 P4C and 5 non violent communication event contents to raise awareness on issues
  8. In all partners, opening P4C, drama and non-violent communication workshop.
  9. Preparing and generalizing teachers, parents and student guides in print and digital to struggle with bullying and exclusion
  10. Preparing and generalizing the school action plan to struggle with bullying in print and digital
  11. Arranging a slogan-painting contest with the theme of bullying, discrimination and respect for differences by all participating organizations: Participation of students, teachers and parents will be promoted. The content can be used in the native language and in English as digital campaign content
  12. Organizing an awareness campaign on bullying by all participating organizations: It will be organized with the cooperation of teachers, students and parents. It will be supported by digital tools
  13. The activity of bully, victim and bully-victim by all participating organizations to write a letter to the student, teacher or parent: our preschool partners will have a picture. Letters will be written digitally and anonymously. Letters will be sent to a given e-mail address for each partner.
  14. Providing the participation of teachers in LTT activities. Teachers who participate in LTTs providing training to other teachers in their institutions
  15. Applying of eTwinning activities
  16. Using EPALE by teachers and make sharing of content
  17. Providing the participation of students in the mobility