Project summary

The role of civil society in maintaining democratic values can be discussed a lot, but we, the Contab Ethics Expert Association, have started to take action. We are an NGO where you can find the feeling of belonging, of security in which each volunteer can discover their potential and realize their vocation, and the soul flourishes.

We started with this innovative project with all these data, convinced that we can break the barriers related to education, social and cultural differences, the barriers related to discrimination.

The innovative dimension of the project lies in the fact that these barriers can be overcome by discovering the origin of negative behaviors, namely negative emotions that can be activated involuntarily by accentuating the differences between individuals.

Thus, during the project, emphasis was placed on the development of critical-creative-collaborative thinking skills of all participants (teachers-students-parents) through formal and non-formal education with innovative methods and innovative techniques: forum-theatre, non-will drama, P4C, Boal’s methodology.