Using drama and theatre methods for dealing with conflicts – Boal’s Methodology in Education- Forum Theatre

  • Intangible
  • New competences in coordinating and activating groups in terms of emotional management in an entertaining and creative way
  • Applying expressive tools in various educational contexts
  • Applying a holistic approach to promote wellbeing, mental, and emotional growth, as well as empathy for teachers and all students
  • Tangible
  • 21 Europass Certificates Evaluation Results and report
  • 1 Video clip and the photos of the training course
  • Activity reports padlet ” Knowledge Wall”
  • After course support: 1 digital file/5 learning activities, 2 lesson plans, drama resources, music for drama activities

Non-violent communication

  • Intangible
  • The participants will have gained valid professional, personal, cultural knowledge so as to be able to share it with their peers.
  • In order to impact an even greater number of students and teachers, the results of LTTAs will be shared during workshops and dissemination sessions.
  • The entire school community will become more aware of the European dimension of education and will implement the good practices in their everyday school work.
  • Increasing students and teachers’ language skills by challenging them to express themselves using English as the Partnership’s communication language
  • Expanding teachers’ knowledge about teaching methods, forms of work applied to different subjects, lesson plans and participating in project meetings


Child’s Philosophy to tackle anger issues and bullying phenomenon

  • Tangible
  • 2 lesson plans
  • 2 learning activities
  • 1 training material for teachers on P4C
  • 21 Europass Certificates
  • Intangible
  • Better understanding of Child’s philosophy by the participants
  • Improved image of the host school


Safe And Inclusive School For Students

  • Intangible
  • Friendship across Europe between 28 pupils from 7 different countries
  • Raised awareness of social inclusion and diversity
  • Tangible
  • 1 virtual Wall on
  • 1 Meeting roll-up
  • 28 Attendance Certificate for pupils and 14 for accompanying staff